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Wow, This is truly my dream home. Amazing. 



Sweet highlights from the 2012 World Juniors Ultimate Championships in Dublin.

my favorite is the guy at 0:54, watching his face as he realized he had to lay for that disc :D. pretty awesome highlight reel. good clips, music is passable, the editing and video quality were nice as well.


Fuck it, I haven’t posted here in like 2 fucking years, but this is too amazing not to share. An amazing violin cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights.” Fucking watch this shit. Also if you want follow me on twitter for your usual obscenities which you grew to love, and also some music: @VladiminD

Love you all, maybe this will be the monumentous return of FYMU.

This is a song. I like this song. I also like this cover.